QA Engineer Resume Sample

Are you looking resume sample special for QA engineer? If yes, you are on the right site, because we are here having 8 QA engineer resume sample for you where you can download it free below. and we believe it will be useful for you in making best resume with sample resume that provided by us below. so for you who need resume sample of QA engineer, you can download it below now.

QA Engineer Resume Sample throughout [keyword
QA Engineer Resume Sample throughout [keyword

Being a QR or quality assurance have big responsibilities and because of that you must have a commitment to take this job. you have responsible to make sure all the product are ready to send to the customers. You must make sure there are no defects and are also worthy of use or consumption. We have the various of QA Engineer Resume Sample that you can use as reference to get this job position. please take a look below.

QA Engineer Resume Sample

Ogi Firmansyah

456 Avenue street, New York, NY 45678

Home: 111-111-11111 | Cell: 111-1111-1111


A highly Talented and Accomplished information technology professional with extensive skills and experience in software quality assurance engineering, Project manager and Embedded devices.

Skills Qualifications:

  • 3 years of quality assurance experience.
  • Well knowledge in information technology
  • Skillful in developing and testing cases
  • Good communication in Oral and wrtitten


Mandra Laboratories, Mountain View,CA 45678

Quality Assurance Engineer, 2014-present

  1. Directed and carried out development and testing of proprietary for testing embedded in medical devices
  2. Created Automated testing and reporting tool in C and visual basic Programming language.
  3. compiled data, prepared, reported and assisted with development of UI and requirement specifications.
  4. Identified, isolated and resolved issue
  5. Conducted testing Off communication with external devices.

Inforgrames Inc ,mountain View,CA 45678

Compatibility annalist 2013-2014

  1. Responsible for promotion of entertainment.
  2. Created test plan and test
  3. Reviewed software for functionally before delivered to customers
  4. Designed and introduce online database for tracking result
  5. Carried testing for entire departement


Bachelor’s Degree – Computer of Science 2010-2014

MIT University 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

Reference: Available For request

There are an example of QA Engineer Resume that we hope will help you to write a good resume.